Welcome to the Journey!

Wild Wolf Momma began as a place to explore my hidden wild side!  I’m not talking about the secret party girl inside of me, she had plenty of play in my twenties.  I am talking about the part of me that is in touch with the natural world around me and within me.  With the ebb and flow of the changing seasons and being able to navigate the natural changes of the female psyche.  I was basically asking the age-old question, “Who am I?”  I had just given birth to my first girl child and the occasion brought up some interesting fears.  I desperately wanted to break a cycle of unhealthy mother-daughter relationships in my family.

Now, after a year of feeling so much heart ache over current events that my body began to break down, I realized that I needed to find a way to live in this world and be okay.  Wild Wolf Momma became the perfect place to broadcast my thoughts, discoveries, questions and ideas as I embarked on what I thought of as a spiritual journey!  Still looking to explore the inner parts of me, I wanted to chronicle the adventure in case either my children wanted to know more about me when they were older, or anyone else could relate to the journey, or the need for the journey and might find some of my discoveries helpful in some way!

I felt chronicling this type of journey from its first conscious steps to wherever it leads was not commonly seen.  Usually, people already have all the answers which is great!  You will not find that here, at least not yet.  (I love having answers but I also love knowing how to arrive at them myself.)  You will however find discoveries, helpful mistakes -or chances for more growth, musings and you will hopefully feel inspired to begin your own spiritual journey!  Please, feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts.  It is a way to reach out and create the bridge of connection, and build what I hope will be a vibrant, intelligent, creative and beautiful community!

Love and light be with you, and thank you!


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